Input to Schedulers

I have created a complex scheduling Task. I am able to update the scheduler configuration(change the time of execution) of the scheduler remotely. I am using the pub.scheduler.updateComplexTask service and it works good.

But, I am not able to pass any documents as input to the scheduler service. The API, though specifies that the we can specify the input Document (IData object) containing input to the scheduled 


I am setting the input document to the variable inputs of pub.scheduler.updateComplexTask. But, when the task executes at the specified time, the input document I set as input is not getting picked up.  

I am not really sure, if I am missing something. 


Why not set the scheduler via the administrator rather than via the services, then in the service being scheduled set the input document. The service being scheduled will not need dynamic inputs, right?

Hi Brian,

If you use “pub.scheduler.addComplexTask” and pass the document as input, it works fine!!!