input parameter for JDBCAdapter -ExecuteService

Just installed the latest developer and IS.

  1. Created a JDBCAdapter-ExecuteService template to invoke a Java service.
  2. Inside the Java Service, using the IDataCursor to get JDBC connection and want to get 2 specific input parameter.

However, the input paramter for “ExecuteService” is “targetserviceparamter” object which cannot be changed or assigned paramter under it.
How can I assign the input parameter for “ExecuteService” and can be got within Java Service?


Hi Francis, I have similar query.Please let me know if you got the solution


Just map a document containing the values you want to pass to the service inside the executeService.
Don’t worry about mapping a “document” to an “object”.

If you have a problem, put a savepipeline in the calling service and you’ll see how the values are passed.

Yes the above should work passing var in the explicit map step.

Do you see any errors?