Input field validation inside table

Hi everyone,
this is the scenario: I have a portlet with a table with 4 input field per row.There’s the possibility to add and remove row.
I’d like to use the CAF built-in validation for input validation, generating error messages (pop-ups etc…) like I usually do for input fields inside the portlet (outside the table)
If I submit the portlet’s data with new added row with non valid data, the server validats the data, giving the error message (required or format non valid) and the row disappeared…
Using the preview server it works perfectly, in the MWS the behaviour is different?

Is there a way to perform such a validation scenario? Is it a configuration of the MWS?

Thank you very much

It’s a limitation of the add row design that new rows are lost if server-side
validation (or the server-side action) fails.

You can work around it by using a regex validator (which does both client-side and server-side validation).