INOXDE7931,INOXDE7922 - given path must exist!


The following error message occurs when I add tsd:which element, although the path exists in the schema and leads to element/attribute:

An error occurred while processing a schema document; (mp-valid-path.1) The given path must exist in the current Schema and lead to the element or attribute for which it is specified <INOXDE7931,INOXDE7922>

Can anyone please suggest me how to overcome this problem. Problematic schema attached.
uniprot.tsd (39.9 KB)

forgot to add that I use Tamino on RHEL AS2.1

Hello Gopal,

tsd:which supports qualified elements and attributes. In uniprot.tsd, default namespace is target namespace. Due to which, Attributes in complex types are unqualified.
- One way to make them qualified is set attributeFormDefault = “qualified”. I tested this with Tamino Paris version (4.2.1) and it works. BUt with 4.1.4 somehow it fails. Need to investigate more.
- Other way, set prefix for the target namespace. It works with both versions.

Prashant Jedhe

Hi Prashant,

Thanks for the suggestion. I need to test it anyway. Will get back in case of any problems.

Best regards,