Hi all,

sometimes happens, after starting a db (after “create db” function) that the “inosrv.exe” increase very fast and it is able to take up all the RAM resource.
To kill this process is very hard, above all, when the database is set with austostart parameter.
Do you know the reason of that?
Is there a solution without to uninstall everything ?



In fact, inosrv (xmachine) will dynamically allocate memory using MALLOC during its operation.

The problem with your killing process seems related to memory shortage or excessive paging. It is recommeded to have 256MB memory and appropriate DB size for Tamino.

What is your Tamino version, memory size and type of server ?



thank you for your answer.
I’m using a Pentium III with RAM 500 and with db of 14 MB;
I respected (I think) all requirements !
P.S. Tamino on Windows 2000.