Initial IData object from child service

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I am looking to write a generic java service which can provide the initial IData object of a parent/top level service at the start of invoke. similar to how the audit mws logging works when the pipeline is set to include. has anyone got any experience of this.

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Hi Kareem,
do you mean something like this?:

IData currentPipeline = IDataUtil.deepClone(pipeline);
IDataUtil.put( pipelineCursor, “currentPipeline”, currentPipeline );

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply! it’s not exactly this. The service I’m looking to build will return the initial unmodified inputs of a top level service. I should be able to call it from a child and get that original payload. the main purpose of this service will be for debugging and inspecting failures.

For example:
Service: Parent
varA = 1
varB = 2

Mapper varA = X
Invoke child

Service Child

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ah looks like the tags i used for the child invoke got sanitised it should be:

Invoke <java service to return original unmodified input: varA = 1, varB = 2>

Hi Kareem,

I don´t think that this will be possible.
Once varA has been set to X, there is no way for the flow service to know that it has been originally set to 1.

One thing which might be helpful here, will be to use the savePipeline service, but this needs to be elabroated further as we didn´t have such a requirement in the past.


Thanks Holger,

That makes sense. I was curious if it was possible via the Java API as it is recorded in MWS when the service auditing is enabled.

It’s probably better practice to use that method in any case.

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Hi Kareem,

service auditing is recording the input pipeline with which the service was invoked.
Later modifications during the processing of the service will not be recorded.

When using service auditing remember to configure the archive database schema and use pub.monitor.archive:* services from WmMoninitor package to remove older entries.

See Monitor Users Guide for further informations.


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