Inheritance with java service


I have many java services and I would like those to inherit from a custom parent java service.
Is it possible in the webMethods environment ?


WM is a java based system, you should be able to do everything that you can on a pure java-based system.

if you prefer, do the inheritance in a pure java class, and drop the jar file to you package, then you can use it from a java service.

Yes, of course…
but when you create a default java service in webMethods you can’t inherits from another class, but I suppose It could not be any other way :

	public static final void getMyStuff(IData pipeline) throws ServiceException {

So ok, I have to create my own class…


this is due to the fact that java services in webMethods are not classes, but methods in a class.

The class is defined by the folder in which the java services are created.
All java services in one folder will form one class with a method in it for each java service.

See Services Development Help for further informations about java service development.


Thank you Holger,

Yes I already read part of the doc, and I’m very familiar with all these methods regrouped together to build a whole and single class (in a folder), but maybe was I looking for another custom option :wink: )