Information on the transformed native url


I am transforming the gateway request url using ‘Request transformation’ policy before dispatching it to native endpoint. The transformed url appears to be malformed and hence 404 error is thrown by native service. A log of transformed url that is submitted to native endpoint would be helpful, how to know this? Where is it logged?


Hi Manjunath,

You can download the log files as an archive. This contains all the logs collected from various API Gateway components, the thread dumps, and the server configurations, the details of which correspond to the log level configured. You can browse through the downloaded data to troubleshoot any issues, such as error or performance problems.

You must have the API Gateway’s manage general administration configurations functional privilege assigned to download log files.

To download the log files:

  1. Expand the menu options icon, in the title bar, and select Administration.
  2. Select General > Application logs.
  3. Click Download diagnostics in the Download diagnostics section.
  4. Click Save File in the file download dialog box.
  5. Click OK.

The file will be downloaded and saved in the zip format.