Information about the Mediator and Centrasite

Hi ,

I am new to Mediator and CentraSite and I have few questions regarding the same.I checked the documentation but didn’t get the clarity.

We have a requirement to implement the WebMethods (ESB) project ,which has to take care Registry,Security,Workflow and Orchestration .

Can this be implemented using Mediator and CentraSite ?And is it mandatory to use these components ?Can’t we implement with out these?

What is the exact meaning of Orchestration ?Do we need a seperate IS to use these 2 components (Mediator and CentraSite) ?

Our current architecture is Ext Users --> Load balancer --> DMZ IS server(2)–> Teracotta Cluster --> 2 Internal Servers (Cluster).

If I want to use the Mediator and CentraSite,do I have to install a new IS ?

Please advise.