indexing update for xs:dateTime

I am using Tamino Schema Editor on Windows 2000 Pro.
I have a problem with Tamino Schema Editor.
First, I defined the schema. I want to update the schema indexing from no to standard about xs:dateTime.

I received the following message.

<INOXDE7931, INOXRE8860>
An error occurred while procession schema document.
Invalid mapping specification.
Invalid or unexpected length specification.
Element name = schedule, invalid length specification.

Is there any way to solve indexing update? Thanks in advance.
payment.tsd (2.68 KB)

Hello Heo,
I defined the payment schema under Tamino (Win2000P). After that, I defined indexes for: payment/contractContent/schedule and payment/detail/schedule without problems.
Please, try to download the patch level 09.

Hello, Guillermo.
Will you explain the patch download site to me?
Thank you for your help.