Indexing of pre-existing documents

Hi everyone.

I’m wondering how to setup the Non-XML indexer against a database that already contains non-xml data.

For example, if I have a schema named wordFiles, with pre-existing documents, I guess I can modify the schema, specifying SXSBlobIndexer as a shadow function. But, will metadata be generated for the pre-existing documents? Or, do I have to erase all the documents and re-insert them?


Hi Bill,

Since the non-xml indexer is actually a server extension and triggered during record insert, it won’t automatically apply on existing objects during schema re-define unless you re-insert them.


Thanks Tony.

That’s what I expected, I guess. I agree that this has nothing to do with the non-xml indexer per say, but rather is an issue with shadow function server extensions.

I was hoping that, whenever you modified a schema to use a shadow function, and/or changed a shadow function, Tamino would automatically (re-)run that shadow function on existing data. It would make it easier to write applications against Tamino.