Indexed Task Search Help!

Hello all, I am having an issue with a custom indexed task search inbox I have created and I am curious if anyone has ever seen it, or have some idea of what the root cause what might be. I have a webservice that uses pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed. I build an array of search terms(pub.task:TaskSearchQueryTerm) and pass this to the service along with a few other input variables (search completed inbox etc). This works beautifully, I can search by multiple indexed fields and there’s no error messages thrown in the portlet.

BUT upon investigating the IS logs, I keep seeing this warning:
Query Task Paged fails to search for: (indexed field name)

I am seeing this for every indexed field I am searching for, but the search itself is working correctly and returning the correct results!!!. I have searched all over the internet for the cause of this and have tried every possible combination of input parameters to searchTasksIndexed to see if the warning would disappear but no luck. Anyone have any advice or input? I am lost at the moment!

Try populating the search tems in TaskSearchQueryV2 (instead of pub.task:TaskSearchQueryTerm) and pass it to the taskclient:searchTasksIndexed service and see if you still get the issue.

TaskSearchQueryV2 is used while searching for indexed business fields.

Unfortunately I am still receiving the errors, I even tried using the business data binding expression as the field and it still shows the warning in the server log. I am also noticing that the indexedTaskSearch automatically adds another term, taskTypeID not IN {list of taskTypeIDs}. I am wondering if maybe since those other tasks dont have the indexed fields that this is the problem.

Never mind it wasn’t the additional taskTypeID’s. I am stumped.

are you providing DB field name of the indexed field while populating search term or the binding expression for the field?
you may also try increasing the log levels and check for any clue in MWS logs…

Thanks for the input Mervin, I appreciate your insight. I have tried it both with the DB field name and with the binding expression with businessData set to true and I am still seeing the same error in the log.
With the increased log detail I can now see the SQL query which has this line:

TaskSearchAll: sql = …JOIN (SELECT TASK_ID, “company”, “daysAssigned”, “diaryDate”, “lastUpdated”, “lastUpdated2”, “newCustomID”, “progress”, …

I am attempting to search by daysAssigned, and have put it verbatim as the field value in the search query, and now that I see it referencing the indexed table which has the same DB name for the field I am starting to wonder if it something to do with the actual indexing of fields.

The following lines are shown after the above sql query:
2013-08-13 09:46:06 EDT (task:WARN) [WS:1065] - Query Task Paged fails to search for: “daysAssigned”
2013-08-13 09:46:06 EDT (task:INFO) [WS:1065] - Query Tasks Paged Task Search Query V2 [from:0; to:2147483647; sortBy: null; sortOrder: asc searchTerms: {taskTypeID in [5513E349-C313-C0CB-04AC-0A42C76590F9, 8A02099E-7EC5-91C9-6A36-E707D9841BE1, FAB7B3B9-9EEE-D75D-57C1-5686C130BE8B]; “daysAssigned” = 2} completed in 24ms

and produces the correct result despite the warnings, so it must be referencing the index fields correctly. Any thoughts?

Also I ran the incredibly long query that was after TaskSearchAll in our DB and it ran perfectly fine returning the correct results for whatever indexed field I chose. I am starting to think this is an internal WM warning error.

Yes, it does look like indexed search is working fine despite of the warning msg.