Increasing the memory available for Integration Server

I guess that’s a recurrent question, but I have not been able to find a solution in this forum (or in another one…).

With Sun JVM 1.4.2 and 1.5 there is a “known limitiation” when working with Windows OS that does not permit the JVM loading more than 1.5GB of memory, even if the system has 4GB available (obtainig the “Could not reserve enough space for object heap” error when starting the IS with JAVA_MIN_MEM or JAVA_MAX_MEM greater than 1.5GB).

We have a partner with a Webmethods for SAP installation (version 7.1.1) running in a Windows OS that would like to have more memory available.
Is there any other JVM or any Windows setting that could be change to permit that?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion given.

Windows processes are limited to 2GB, in a normal Windows config. The JVM takes some and that’s why the JVM heap is limited to about 1.5G.

Windows can be configured to allocate 3GB to a process. You should be able to find some info via Google about doing this.

Could you kindly tell me how configured IS on windows 2003 sp2 32bit to allocate 3GB? thanks so much.


This may be a bit late.

It is a bit difficult to allocate 3GB to any process in a 32bit environment. You require more than 1 GB for the Kernel space, DLLs etc.

I would suggest you upgrade to a 64 bit environment where the available memory is lot more.

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