Increased amount of connection timeouts observerd after OS-Update


we are currently observing an increased amount of connection timeouts on all our outbound connections to other wM components and partnersystems as well as our internal database hosts after we have updated our OS from Solaris SPARC 11.3 to 11.4.
wM version is 9.12, but not yet with latest Fixes applied.

As we have a lot of maintenance tasks to accomplish currently (Updating OS, Updating Database from Oracle 12c to 19c, …) this will take some time until we might be able to appyl the latest fixes to these environments.

For the case that SAP systems are involved in communications they note an temporary outage while testing the connections to the Program-IDs bound to our SAP listeners.

Any ideas what is causing these timeouts now, which we did not observe before performing the OS Update from Solaris 11.3 to 11.4?
Please note that we have moved the LDOMs from one physical box to another during this process to allow patching of the global box as well.


This is a complete shot in the dark, but in a previous OS update there was a change in default settings in the OS that caused us some network level trouble. Alas, I don’t recall details but it may be something to chase if the readme or update notes indicate a change in default behavior of some sort.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the answer.

We had already identified one of these settings and got it changed to previous value, but issue is still persisting.


Some more shots in the dark, Holger -

  • Can you investigate the TCP params (link)?
  • Can you do a network discovery and investigate the paths to outbound destinations?
  • Are all the desired destinations still reachable with desired latency levels, from each of your source nodes?
  • Could it be that outbound network rules may have been affected, inadvertently?


Hi Kasi,

unfortunately I do not hagve root access to the environments, but I have already contacted my OS Admins if they have ideas for how to check the source reason.


I’d like to see what’s the root cause - please post it, once you get there Holger.


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