Inconsistent trigger for SAP notifications

Hi All,

I am facing issue with IS Trigger filter used to receive the Idoc (published by SAP Listener notification).
Initial testing with SAP, these triggers and its filter conditions were working , but the same is not working now and so the corresponding IS service is not getting invoked. Similar behavior is seen on multiple triggers related to different Idoc - Listener notifications and this behavior is inconsistent as it has worked earlier.

webMethods Integration Server Version: Updates: IS_10.1_Core_Fix1
webMethods SAP Adapter Adapter Version: Updates: SAP_7.1_Fix18

Any suggestion on this pls.


Hello ,

Could you please check if the IDOCs are struck in SM58 queue in SAP?
Also check the IDOC definition in SAP are in sync with the one maintained in webMethods.

Do you see any error in the transaction log?


Hi Sasanka,

Thank you for your response.

What we have noticed that Trigger is picking data when filter condition is removed.
With filter condition, it is not triggering the processing service which was working initially. The filter condition I have is “if last 4 letter of RCVPRN = ABCD” then trigger the service.

So the filter condition is notificationPublishDocument/ZSegement/IDOC[0]/EDI_DC40/RCVPRN% ==/ABCD$/
(I have kept this condition in filter, not in Provider filter)
We have noticed that while recreating trigger with a new name it is working for first time.Later it is not.
Since the IDOC is getting picked up by trigger without filter condition, I believe the issue is not with IDOC structure.
Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hi Nithya,

Have you tried with L_EQUALS or = instead of == ?

Please try and let me know.

Also can you enabled the more IS logging and WmSAP Adapter logging and see whether any information get captured. Please share.

Thank you !
Mani Ganesan