Inbuilt service - pub.client.sftp.put

Hi All,

Im using pub client sftp put .

By using this im able to place the file in the desired location. But the file is still visible in source location ?

Any idea why the file is still visible on the source location ? Does SFTP put copys the file or it does cut+paste

It uploads a copy to the remote location - this is how the file-transfer protocol works, and it’s not a webMethods feature/limitation.

You need to manage the cleanup at the source, after a successful upload - you can add a local file deletion step at the end of your flow, on success (inside Try).

Alternatively, you can create a master clean-up service that will clean multiple folders, if you have a lot of file-based instances. Use a property/config type of design, instead of harcoding paths, file patterns, file age, etc. You can then create a scheduled job for this.



As Kasi has mentioned, it works like a copy and not as cut paste , More details in the documentation at built in services guide


Another common approach is to move (rename) the source file to an archive directory after the successful put.

what method are you using to know that there is a file in source location? Or is it always a fixed file name?
are you applying any transformation?

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