Inbound HTTP Request


One of our application can do HTTP Post on WM and i would like to know how can i desgin a flow service in WM to accept this XML file.

I searched this forum but didn’t get anything related to this or i might have not miss something.

Appreciate if you can help me to get this done.


Your flow service should be designed with an input of xmlNode which would be of object data type. Your application must convert the xmldata to a xmlnode and invoke the service over HTTP.

The URL which should be used would look like following if your webMethods IS service’s input variables name is xmlNode:

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Hi Soumik,

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to develop any service which can be invoke like


i mean without any name=pair along with the HTTP URL. Because the application which is going to post to WM is not having any ooption to specify argument.



Yes, you can do this. If the XML is sent in the HTTP body (instead of name/value pair in the URL), the XML data will be present in the service you invoke in an object called ‘node’ (type ‘object’). You can handle this with pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument

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Koen de Vries