Inbound FTP stream not present

We have a service on our DMZ instance for handling inbound FTP. After upgrading to 8.2 the service no longer has the inbound stream and we get the error Error:

[ISS.0086.9167] stream is a required field
Error Type

The service is fairly straight forward but for whatever reason the ffdata stream does not appear to be there. Was there some change in the 8.2 version in the way that the data stream is passed to the service?

See attachment for flow service steps.


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The input stream available in pipeline differs based on content handler. If content type is “application/x-wmflatfile”, stream will be available with the key ‘ffdata’. If it is ‘text/plain’, stream will be in ‘contentStream’. As a work around, you could add a map step in the very first step which can map to a stream object with input either from ffdata or contentStream whichever is not null.


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Hi Experts,
If content type is text/xml what should I use pipeline variable name.
please guide me.

Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

please set the Audit properties for your service to Always, "Error, Success and Start", Always.

Then trigger your service again,

After that go MWS under Monitoring → Integration → Services.

Look for your service and click on the Details Icon. Have a look at the pipeline and you will find the correct variable name there.