in soapUI response getting & it should be &

when i ran wM webservice in soapUI getting response with ‘&’ instead of &. The same i ran in flow service in designer getting proper response with &. In soapUI and other tools getting ‘&’ in response. Can you please advise on this.

Hi HariDhar,

can you provide more details please?

i.e. ScreenShot of the service might be helpful.

Provide IS version incl. applied fixes as well.


webmethods details:

Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates PIE-37185_JSONRootArray_TestPatch

when i ran the flow service in designer getting the proper results. But in soapUI getting decoded & getting which i have attached screenshot and highlighted.

Hi Haridhar,

as & is no valid character in XML content it gets encoded by the soap handler and will be decoded inside the calles logic when the field value is extracted.

As Designer output is no XML content, there is no need to encode it.

I cannot see any issues here.