Importing WSDL fails to resolve location whereas SOAPUI does...

Hi, I am trying to import a WSDL into CentraSite with all WSDL and XSDs present. Unfortunately CentraSite does not resolve the import location and consequently prompts for every single WSDL and XSD. When I import into SOAP UI, there is no problem.

To try another route, I then attempted to import the WSDL via the designer (9.6) and it too does not like the WSDL.

anyone aware of what the cause might be or any pointers?

Partial sample - Intention is MyParentWS.WSDL imports MyChildWS.WSL

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<wsdl:definitions name=“MyParentWS-v1”
wsdl:documentationVersion 1.0</wsdl:documentation>

<wsdl:import namespace=“” location=“MyChildWS.wsdl”/>

<wsdl:binding name=“AccountBinding-MyParentWS-v1” type=“MyChildWS:MyChildWSPortType”>


Even with the location set, CentraSite proceeds to prompt for MyChildWS.wsdl