Importing profiles tn65

I have seen an issue with importing profiles and now public groups into a cluster aware TN.
We have often seen an issue with import of partner profiles into node1 and not functioning in node 2. Our work around was to import the partners in disabled mode and then enable them after the import was complete.
Recently, we have issue with importing a public group where is exists on node 1, but is absent from 2. Therefore the partner on node 2 has no group membership and the processing rules fail to invoke.

We have TNC14 and the associated server fixes in place. but they dont seem to address the issue with profile groups.

Searches on advantage have yielded nothing of substance

Follow up.
I was mis-informed. client side TNC14 is in place, but the server side fixes including TNS50 (that contains tns37) was not migrated to the environment in question. This was the issue.

All lower environments were updated and the migration works as expected.

Im just glad I found this before opening the case on Advantage…