Importing partners and tradingnetwork documents from 7.1.3 to 9.7

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we are Migrating web Methods from 7.1.3 to 9.7. we have different environments like development,Systemtesting env and PreProduction environment.

we have different partners and document types in each environment. Now are have taken preProduction database and started migrating to webmethods 9.7.

We have around 100 partners in each environment,hasa we are using the per production environment database we are loosing all partners and document types created in the development environment.

In one of the trading network documentation I have read that using exportdata and import data you can copy the partners and document in to different environment.

Now the problem is when we import the partners into webmethods 9.7 we are seeing documents with version of 7.1.3 .

Could you please suggest the best approach to import the partners and documents types in to development environment where we have pre production database .



There is no direct path available to 9.7 from 7.1.3. To migrate the 7.1.3 to 9.7 you have to follow two path
1. First migrate the 7.1.3 to supported target path. Supported migration path for 7.1.3 are 8.2/9.0/9.5. We would recommend to migrate the 7.1.3 to 9.5.
2. Then from 9.5 to 9.7

Few key point. Before start the migrating from intermediate version to 9.7( i.e. once product is migrate to intermediate path) start the servers and verify the assets. Once everything is working fine then start the migrating to the final version 9.7.

Please follow the upgrade guide for details.
95 upgrade guide is available at “
97 Upgrade guide is available at “

Please let me know if you have any doubt.

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Recently we have done the migration for one customer from 7.1.3 to 9.7 upgrade path. There are some know issue.

Please see the details in iTrac - WMC-3215, MWS-13597

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