Importing custom SOAP schema


I have been provided a common messaging structure which I need to implement on wM 7.1.2. The common messaging structure is an extension of SOAP 1.1 and will be used to send messages across the enterprise.

When I try to define a wM document using the XSD provided, it does not create the documents properly. I get an Envelope containing a header and a body. But nothing below the header and the body elements. Although in the XSD there have been SOAP headers defined.

While trying to create an IS document from the XSD, I get warnings for namespaces. Since the messaging format is an extension of the SOAP 1.1 specification, it has been assigned the same namespace as the SOAP envelope. So was expecting the warning.

Any help of how to go about doing this in wM would be really appreciated.

I have attached the message structure XSD and the warning messages



G (28.5 KB)
Warnings1.txt (6.57 KB)
Warnings2.txt (18.4 KB)


I have a similar problem, have you managed to resolve this yet?


Any luck…were you able to resolve it?

AFAIK you are hitting a 7.1.2 limitation, as part of the new 8.0 you can find this enhancements:

Customizable Namespace Prefixes
When importing an XML Schema into Integration Server, the user could not previously influence the namespace prefixes that were generated. With this enhancement, an additional dialog is displayed as part of the import process, allowing the user to override and customize the generated namespace prefixes.

Multiple Schema Domains
Previously, schema namespaces had to be globally unique within an Integration Server, which meant that there could not be multiple instances of the same schema. This enhancement introduces the concept of schema domains, where a schema namespace only needs to be unique within its domain. Now, multiple domains can exist within Integration Server.

Hope this helps.