import template and web service auto-refresh set to true


I’m having some trouble with the import template control for the following scenario and would like to have some feedback from the community.

I have created a project with 2 views (default and myView) where “default” imports twice “myView”.
On default view I added a refresh interval control in order to refresh both of the imports every 10 secs.
On myView I added a web service connector with auto-refresh set to true.Then I created a table provider for the web service’s output which I’m displaying on the view.
Changed myView, webservice and table’s provider managed beans scope to request so that it re-creates everything for each refresh.
What I notice is that the web service is executed twice for each import.

I’ve attached a sample project for this.

Bruno (29.9 KB) (5.34 KB)


Found that the calls to the web service are made on the APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES and RENDER_RESPONSE phases. I was expecting them to occour on the INVOKE_APPLICATION phase.


I’m not sure what the best combination of settings you should use, but since you found the what phases the services are being invoked, you could add some logic to only invoke the service during one of those phases.

Could you please clarify what version of CAF you are using?

BTW: Thanks for the samples.