Import Error - CentraSite CE

Getting import error while importing organization with dependencies.

Exported Organization along with child organization (1) along with the dependencies. While trying to import the archive into other machine with fresh CentraSite CE installation i’m getting the following error. The system configuration are the same on both the machine.

com.softwareag.centrasite.policy.PolicyException: Organization level permission for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is not created yet for organization xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tried various options. No luck. Can someone let me know if they have encountered the same issues and the resolution for it?


Abhinandan Patil

Hi Abhinandan,
sorry to hear that you have import problems with CentraSite. Which options did you choose when exporting the Organization? Are both CentraSites at the same version and patch level? Could you attach the CentraSite archive to this thread by any chance?