Implicit Variables

is there a user guide / cheat sheet to using the items in the implicit variables bindings view? Particularly session scope, application scope etc.


There are three sections of data in the Implicit Variables for a View:
Application Security Roles, Application Initialization Parameters and Environment Variables.

All three of these types of data are based on items in your webapp’s web.xml. Some of these items actually have helpful descriptions such as: com.webmethods.caf.faces.context.PRETTY_PRINT’s description is: Formats the HTML output. So, if you want your rendered HTML to look nicer (this can help during development) you’d want to change that value to true.

The Security Roles are the storage for any J2E security roles you’ve defined, and the Environment entries are the storage for any JNDI entries you’ve defined. All three of these types of information are leveraging standard J2E constructs so you should be able to have a look online for information about what a Security Role or Env Entry is.

I realize that this isn’t a cheat sheet, but it might give you a slightly better understanding of them. You also might want to refer to these articles on Advantage to learn how to modify at runtime the values of Env Entries: and