Implementing SOAP over JMS


We would like to create webservices in Developer with SOAP over JMS protocol (webMethods 7.1) .

  1. How webMethods 7.1 support this implemetation (SOAP over JMS). Do we need to have Glue server (6.5.1) installation for the same?

  2. Is there any other way of implementing SOAP over JMS.

Kindly guide me.

SOAP over JMS is not supported out of the box in any IS release through 7.1.2. Do you simply want to exchange soap messages using JMS instead of HTTP/S?

If so, just build a normal JMS integration in which the payload is a SOAP message. IS 7.1.x and later support JMS triggers which will make this possible even without the JMS Adapter.

Read up on the JMS built-in services and JMS trigger documentation in IS 7.1.x for details.

I think but am not sure, that Soap over JMS is supported in IS 8.x due out next year.


What would support for SOAP over JMS look like? I assume bundling the creation of the SOAP msg and the transport into a single service. Seems a marginal thing to wait for but I must be overlooking something.

I think that the new Web Services Descriptor component allows the user to specify the protocol over which the SOAP message is to be exchanged. Today only HTTP and HTTPS are supported. I think the future would allow the protocol to be JMS, but my recall of the discussion around this is fuzzy.

I fail to see the appeal for SOAP over JMS as it restricts interoperability to only those consumers who can speak JMS and do so through the firewalls between the consumer and the provider.

I think the notional appeal is that JMS is more reliable than HTTP/S and is asynchronous by design. To me those perceived advantages are far outweighed by the very real limitations on interoperability.



I am using the SOAP OVER JMS design in webMethods. The scenario is We have one integration between webMethods and Oracle Fusion middle ware.

Oracle Fusion will provide one Soap Over JMS WSDL to webMethods ans webMehods have to consument this and send data.
We are using webMethods 7.1.3 server.

Now how it is possible to implement?