implementing retry mechanism in Trading Networks


We have created two flow services, service A and B.

Service A call tn.receive.
and service B is called in TN processing rule(we have selected service execution task at processing rule action).

But whenever service A is triggered we get a docuemnt at TN, but the Service B is not automatically executed for 5 times, its executing for only one time.

In the partner profile we have also defined Delivery maximum retries:5, wait between retires: 1000, Retry factor: 1.

But still the service is not being retried not more than one time and In TN Transaction analysis, Tasks pane we can see the task status as failed, retries 0, retrylimit 0, retry factor 1, delivery method async route and task type Service execution.

Could any one suggest us what to do to get out of this situation.


Ok few things, first why don’t you use routeXml instead of tn.receive since you are sending the document from flow service to TN. Second, which version of IS you are using because I believe you have to set the maximum retries and wait between retires in TN config file instead of in partner profile and third, are you populating the “” document correctly in service B output ?

The delivery retry parameters apply only to delivery actions, not to service execution tasks.

As Talha pointed out, the retry parameters for service execution tasks are globally set in the TN config, not in TN Console nor in the service properties in Developer.

The service that is invoked must return a variable named status. It must contain success or fail. If it contains fail, TN will retry per the global retry config.

Refer to the TN User’s Guide for details on service execution tasks.


I am trying to implement the retry option with TN for document processing.
In processing rule, i have selected ‘Execute a service’. In the service, in case of failure, ‘Exit’ and Signal failure is opted. Also, i have passed ‘fail’ in output status variable. But, retry is not happening. Is there anything else i need to do for this?

My TN Config setting is as below. I am using WM 9.7


Thanks for the support. In case, i am following a wrong approach, kindly suggest how to achieve it.




Were you able to figure out and make it work?

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