Implementation of sptp in webmethod

Can you please help to implement sftp service in webMethods. It would be helpful if you can provide the services/package developed by you.
You can send it to

Hi Saruchi,

which version of wM are you referring to?

Starting with wM 9.5 SFTP is now part of the Built-In-Services.
Please check the IS Built-In-Services Reference for details.



  1. You should create server alias and then user alias from IS → Settings → SFTP. Test SFTP user alias once you create it. If
    successful, then IS will return a message like “Test of user alias successful.”
  2. Use OOTB (Out of the box) services like pub.client.sftp:get or pub.client.sftp:put.

Remember, SAG doesn’t support custom code and you will have to debug yourself so its advisable to do the above.

Ashish Bania

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