ignoreEmptyAuthoritiesList property


I am facing an issue to connect IS 9.12 to a server using a client certificate that only works if we set watt.security.ssl.client.ignoreEmptyAuthoritiesList=true

From the official documentation it is stated:

Which means that the target server is sending an empty trusted authorities list.

The problem is that there are already other clients to the target server that can connect without any constrains, at least they had never had issues like this before.

Is this property custom to Integration Server? Does anyone now how to set this in soap ui to replicate the behavior?

Another issue in 9.12 where can I see the logs from SSL? I have the props below set and still I cannot see nothing in the /profiles wrapper.log

  • watt.net.ssl.debug=true
  • watt.ssl.iaik.debug=true

Many thanks!

This might give you some info for debugging