IDocs and SAP Adapter Transaction


I’m working on wM 9.12 using the 7.1 SAP Adapter.

We have a routing notification set for a type of message.

When SAP is posting IDocs to wM our routing notification is executing a server (IS Transport).
The issue we are facing is that when SAP send multiple idocs (>1) it creates a transaction for each idocs, causing the service to execute for each idocs.
The correct behavior for us would be a single transaction with multiple idocs attach to it, then the service would process all the idocs together.

Any idea on how to configure this behavior, is it wM sap adapter or SAP configuration ?


Hi Alexandre,

please provide the Fix-Level for your SAP Adapter as well as the JCo/JCoIDoc versions.

These can be found on the About-Page of the SAP Adapter Admin UI.

Are the IDocs send in separare transactions or is it just one transaction with one IDoc containing a list of IDocs?
In the first case it is expected behaviour that each IDoc triggers its own processing thread.
In the second case there is only one processing thread, in which the list of IDocs will be processed in a loop.

This needs to be checked on the SAP system side if the IDocs can be combined to a list of IDocs before sending them to the SAP-Adapter.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your response. You’re right on your last option, it was a setting on SAP. the Package Size on the Outbound Parameters’ Partner Profile was set to 1, so it would create a transaction per idoc. We’ve increased the parameter and now multiple IDocs are attached to the same transaction.

Thanks for the help