IDOC segment writing and converting a document to string to send email

Hi folks,

I have an urgent issues that is stopping us from going live. can somebody pls help

I have an IDOC segment by name E1EDKA1 whose total length is 1063. while writing this in a text file and opening it in notepad, notepad allows only 1025 characters in a single line and it automatically takes the rest of the characters in another line. The SAP is not able to process this file due to this. If I make it to a single line then sap is able to process it.

  1. Do we have an option to fit all the 1063 characters in a single line.

  2. I have a IS document with some information. I just need to convert it to a string for sending it as email. If I am using convertToString(flat file) it is asking for a schema. My requirement is just to convert the IS document structure into a string and send it as email. Do you have any ideas on it.

Let me know you thoughts on it.


Hi Badri,
I dont know about the first point but for the second point i have a thought. Actually if you want to convert a document structure to a string you need to have an schema…for convertToString to use it. Create a flat dile schema and your problem will be solved. For more info on creating flat file schemas refer to FlatFileusers guide in WmFlatFile package.

thank you very much pradeep. Infact, i just tried to use FF schema and it seems to be getting in shape, anyway thank you for your quick response.

Any body has used XSLT for formatting and sending emails using it. If somebody has done, please do throw some light on how to approach and do it. I refered the documents user’s guide, but not able to figure out on the approach and steps that needs to be taken for builing XSLT


Badri: Please don’t cross-post the same question in multiple places. It is not necessary.