IDOC Attachments

Does the webMethods SAP adapter support attachments? Has anyone implemented this or do you have documentation you could point me to on how this is done?

Thanks in advance.

Does the IDoc structure support attachments? I’m not sure that it does.

The SAP adapter docs make no mention of attachments.

No SAP Adapter doesn’t support IDOC attachments as far i know…


One way I’ve seen attachments go out of SAP is using a custom SAP RFC called by a webMethods SAP adapter service.

The adapter service has this output structure in the ‘Request Field Selection’ tab:
BINARY_TAB[].LINE (Byte Array)
Since this is autogenerated, the SAP RFC must have a corresponding output signature.

A Flow service calls the adapter service, then runs a LOOP over /BINARY_TAB, with the contents of the LINE element converted & appended within the loop.