i18n and L10n capabilities of webMethods 8.2

Hi All,

I am trying to find webMethods internationalization and localization capabilities of webMethods from CAF, ESB, BPM and TN perspective. Didn’t quite find much information in the documentation.

Can anyone provide the capabilities of webMethods 8.2 in this respect and point to the right documentation on how to implement?

Thanks in Advance,
Ninad Patil

Hi Ninad,

Could you please explain more?
Where exactly you want to implement i18n ?


Hi Sumit,

Lost track of this with the wmusers move.

We want to explore the possibilities of internationalizing our app developed using CAF. We are looking at displaying locale specific texts, currency symbols and even images with tool tips.

We have found a good tutorial from SAG here and currently trying this out.

We will keep this thread posted withe our findings and questions.

Ninad Patil

For future reference, that URL doesn’t work any more, and they didn’t provide a 301 code. It can be found here.