I want to edit Trigger filter condition from the IS Admin page

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement that the client is asking me to edit the trigger condition from the admin page so that it is it is not required to deploy the code always.

is there a database table where all the trigger information is stored if so can anyone let me know in which table it stored.

Raj sekhar

Currently, there is no option to edit the trigger condition via IS apart from enabling/disable/suspend.

Try to find a service in WmPublic/WmRoot to edit the trigger conditions.

For your note, this is not a good practice and the code has to follow the SDLC. Talk to your client and there will be implications/issues doing this in prod environment.

Explain me, why would you change the filter condition and what is the need for doing so?

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when designed properly, the condition shoud be able to be evaluated on messaging system directly.

For this feature lexical operators should be used, i.e. L_EQUALS instead of “=”.

By doing so the incoming documents will be sent to the neccessary triggers only instead of sending them to all triggers subscribing this doc type and the evaluating the filter on IS. This will save bandwidth and therefore performance.


Thanks, Mahesh for the providing the information,

Here the problem is every time the filter condition will need to change more frequently or add few more to the existing one so each time we change or update the trigger we need to deploy to the environments.To avoid this we want to write a dsp where we can edit from there and document it and process it to the admins to make same changes made from the dev.

Next there are no services in the WMRoot/package to edit the trigger.


Yes, then you have to write a custom service to edit the trigger which is similar to create a trigger to java service. Refer Java API guide, not sure if they have exposed the private methods and classes.

Also, as mentioned earlier, talk to your client and negotiate with them and explain them situation currently and product capabilities.

Trigger details are stored on backend node.ndf file inside the package. You can try editing the file and reloading the package might help. But this is not recommended, you can give a try though.
Ensure to take file backup before.