I need to purge an event from designer

Hi All,

Recently I have a requirement where in we have a mechanism where Trigger gets disabled and doesnt enable back until , I purge the event manually from Universal Messaging. I do not want to manually do it, instead want a service to purge the event and then enable back the trigger for me.

Question is:

  1. how to i purge the event from designer.(Is there any built -in service available)
  2. How do i then enable back the trigger?

Any leads would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Pragati,

First of all I’m unsure why your trigger is getting disabled automatically?
Is 'deleting a single (multiple?) event(s) ’ a workaround to enable back trigger which you are following?

If there is genuine reason and your approach is very much required, then below are some answers to your questions as per my knowledge.

If all events need to be purged, better to delete and create trigger. I don’t know any IS service available for this, probably you need to rely on UM APIs for purging.

For JMS based triggers, there are services available to enable/disable triggers pub.trigger:disableJMSTriggers and pub.trigger:enableJMSTriggers

For webM triggers, we can’t enable/disable trigger rather we can enable/disable document/event retrieval/processing using services avaialble in pub.triggers directory

Hi Chandra,

Thanks for the reply.

The mechanism is built in such a way where in any failure happens, can be validation/business error, the trigger gets disabled to stop further impact over the others.

Well, I guess I need to look into some UM API’s. Any idea where can i find them?


This can be done using UM Client API (nChannel.purgeEvents())

Sample Usage of API is given here : https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/onlinehelp/Rohan/num10-2/10-2_UM_webhelp/index.html#page/um-webhelp/re-java_purge_events_from_channel.html

There are some commandline tools wrapped around those apis, which can be directly run as below:

C:\SoftwareAG\UniversalMessaging\tools\runner>runUMTool.bat PurgeEvents help

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