I cannot see the step errors in the Monitor of Mywebmethods

Hi, I have a process created in Designer which is working fine. In case of any failures in any activity step, transformation is done successfully to the error step configured in the designer. Failed step shows status as “Failed” and “Error Handling step” is also getting executed successfully.

But when we get into failed process instance and failed step, we don`t see the error displayed at “Step Errors” section; Whereas we can see the perror document in the pipeline of the failed step. And we can see the error record in the Database.

Do we need to enable any settings to display the error message in “Step Errors” section.

Log level of the model is kept at “5 - Process and all steps” and “RESUBMIT” is enabled in all activity steps.

no one can reply this question??

Ideally, the perror document should show the process level error…

so i am confused~~

If an error leads to an error handling step (either by using a process wide error step or by an error branch) PE considers the process to be successfull and not in error and therefore does not show an error log entry.
Error processing must be done inside the error handling step. You can then log the error (to the process log or your own), do notifications or anything else appropriate. If you do want the process to fail ,you need to throw and error again in the error handling step.

You can call changeProcessStatus service to change the process status to “Failed” in the error handling step. That should do the trick.