HttpServletRequest getParameter returning null

Dear All,

Now i’m developing web apps in WebMethod Integration server. i’m using wmTomcat as the container. The application is almost done. But now i’m facing a problem with this application and i don’t know how to solve it… The problem is i can’t get the parameter value that was thrown by the jsp file if i’m not login to the IS Console first.

Let say i have form login in, this form contain 2 text field that is username and password, and 1 submit button. The problem came When i filled the text field and click the submit button, it was always returning error. i try to trace it by write the HttpServletRequest getParameter(String name) method to server log, and it always returning null. But i’m not facing this problem if i do login to IS Console in first. I mean, if log in to IS Console first and then access , then submit the form, the application is running well, i can retreive the parameter from jsp using HttpServletRequest getParameter(String name).

What i want to ask is how can i run my apps without login to console first?
Any suggestion? Thanks

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Hi gvolt,

You can try to set the “Package List ACL” in your package at Anonumous. It can help you.