httpSend error

Hi guys,

I’m facing to a weird error in the notebook but before explain that, let me describe my enviroment:
- XBD v7.2.1.;
- Tomcat v4.1.24;
- PHP v4.3.4;

This is the same configuration of my desktop computer, which is working fine.

Well, when I trying to send the payload via SAGHttpGateway to PHP, I receive the following message (fragment):

[slf5s.start]26 May 2004 19:56:51,258[slf5s.DATE] Thread-4[slf5s.THREAD] ERROR[slf5s.PRIORITY] xbd[slf5s.CATEGORY] - SagSequencer - SEQUENCER XException : com.softwareag.xbridge.exceptions.XException[slf5s.MESSAGE]
[slf5s.start]26 May 2004 19:56:51,258[slf5s.DATE] Thread-4[slf5s.THREAD] ERROR[slf5s.PRIORITY] xbd[slf5s.CATEGORY] - SagSequencer - com.softwareag.xbridge.exceptions.XException httpSend: Software caused connection abort: recv failed[slf5s.MESSAGE]
[slf5s.start]26 May 2004 19:56:51,258[slf5s.DATE] Thread-4[slf5s.THREAD] ERROR[slf5s.PRIORITY] xbd

Could you help me about it?

Thanx in advance, Ito

I have seen this error a few times - it is not an easy one to trace… :frowning:
It can occur when typically the servlet/server script mishandles the input/output streams; e.g. if a servlet attempts to read request parameters after it reads the input stream. I believe this can also happen to a remote connection (for some reason…) where a local connection succeeds. Sorry I do not have a better explanation. The worst part about this error is that it can also be intermittent - sometimes the connection will work, sometimes not.

when you say that the same environment is running on a desktop, does that mean that everything is on the one machine - tomcat/mediator and PHP server? Is this also the case for the laptop?
What is the JDK version?
Maybe you can test against a simple dummy servlet (instead of PHP) that returns a hardcoded (correct) response?
And you will want to upgrade at some point to mediator v7.3, if for no other reason than the fantastic new GUI and lots of new components.

- arp

Hi arp,

Thank you for your quick reply! :slight_smile:
I’ve been testing my demo on laptop in many ways and I’ve got some conclusions:
1. A local XBD works fine when I send the message to a remote PHP and vice versa. If both are local they don’t work;
2. When simulating Mediator using another PHP program (PHP to PHP), everything is ok;
3. There is no difference whether laptop is connected in a LAN or not;

Maybe this is because my desk is running WinXP and the laptop is using W2K.

In response for your question, everything is on the same machine (desk and lap) and my java version is 1.4.1_01.

A good try that I will test today is using the Windows’ loopback network driver.

Thank you,