HTTPS StackOverflowError

I am testing SSL for I.S. 6.5

SSL Client is my dev I.S. box
SSL Server is my UAT I.S. box

When I invoke pub.client.HTTP and invoke service via the non SSL port, it works.
When I invoke pub.client.HTTP and invoke service using HTTPS and SSL port, I am getting “StackOverflowError”.

When I invoke the service using HTTPS via a browser, it works with no problem.

I have searched the forum, but not seeing a post that would explain this error with SSL.

I have turned up logging on SSL server but am not seeing any additional error messages to explain this.

I found the solution on advantage. This is a known issue with JRE 1.42 jurisdiction constraints.

A default jdk install that is used with webmethods may fail to have the JCE that is unlimited. So you can download the right one from the oracle archive for your jvm version. Rename the current jar files in lib/security and add these new files. Restart your instance and enjoy. Good day.

Yemi Bedu