HTTPS request unable to reach Partners IS 46 Server through proxy

Hi Experts,

I have simple Java client program to do HTTPS POST to SAP BC(IS4.6) Server running at my partner. We are using JSSE API and using JKS files to connect Webmethods SAP BC Server of Partner. We are posting data to to the URL : "https://<ip>:443/invoke/". We have exchanged certificates and etc. We are able to post the XML IDOCS successfully to Partners BC Server from Dialup Systems using this program.

But when we are trying to post the data through Proxy, we have not succeeded. We are always getting Connection refused…

  1. I have set correct settings at (proxy host, proxy port, proxy Authentication code included user name and password with Base 64 encoded) in Java client. I am not using Webmethods client API.

  2. Is there any special settings I need to enable at my proxy to send SSL requests to out side Server?

  3. if any firewall issues I need to think about?

Please help us, this error is killing us since a week.


Just in case if your partner server is listening at a port other than 443, you might want to open that port in your firewall.

To begin with i will do a ping on the listening partner server.