HTTPS Post Response


I have a requirement where I am able to post xml to Trading Partner using https post.

Now, The output of http is header and body. In Header, it says status 200, statusMessage as OK. But in the body, when I converted bytes to string it says “Invalid XML received”.

But, How do we get proper response from Trading Partner. Like detailed response. we have a tool where when we post an xml to TP, It returns back and xml response where it actually shows where it failed. Like Number should not be null…or Dateformat etc.

How we can actually get the same response using http? Is it something related to Trading Partner setup or acknowledgement. Please help.


If you are expecting a response Ack back from TP,yes they should reply with sync response object (Order Response/confirmation or something) to you and steps you narrated above extract header/body (bytes) to string and do further parsing/validation steps.

Pls check with your TP.



You’re right. The TP has corrected something on their end. Now, In the body string I am getting the xmldata as response. Which I am mapping it to the Response doc structure.