HttpPost - Reading response body of type


I am new to SAP BC and web methods and am having a problem understanding how to read the HTTP Response body which appears to be an object of type

I am posting to partner via Http (pub.client.http) and get a response back however the data I need I believe is in the response body but I don’t know how to extrat it. If I navigate to the URL in a browser I get the XML response i require to read in as shown below, however I need to extract this information within Business connector so that I can then use the index values to get the full Invoice data from the partner

response from URL in i.e

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <doclist>
<document uuid="227842507_000000064850_1_2_Invoice_cXML" type="invoice" date="2008-11-26 12:03:40.0" />

<document uuid="227842507_000000064979_1_2_Invoice_cXML" type="invoice" date="2008-12-02 04:37:28.6" />


if anyone can advise on how I extract this information from within Business COneector I would be extremely grateful.



Did you try response body/bytes and call bytesToString??

From String you can parse it to a IDATA Document via standard services…