HTTP Transport Error while consumer webservice call

Hi All,

I am sending a data to target system using web service call. When data size is less it is working fine. When data size is large, I am getting error HTTP Transport Error, Error Code 404.

Not able to understand if issue in webMethod or at target side.

Can anyone please help me here if error is at WM side and how to fix it.


Check and trace the soap request and response by turning on the logs for troubleshooting only.

Hi Mahesh,

I debug the soap connector as well but not found any thing to identify root cause for the issue.

here is more details about the error that I am receiving.

Error: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: An HTTP transport error occured. Error Code: 404, Error Message: Not Found

Wanted to know one thing. Is this means issue is in WM side ?


please elaborate which you are receiving an HTTP 404-Error (meaning site not found).

I dont think that this is an wM error, more likely this is an issue on the target system.
Please get this system involved what is in their logs.