HTTP to JMS Switching

I have a Soap over JMS webservice that i need to configure in centrasite, exposed as an http service (Http-JMS Bridging). I have created the virtual service to accept http requests. However i am unable to identify what to put in the routing protocols area under the “processing steps” tab.
The WSDL file has the following snippet

<WL5G3N0:service name="MyJMSService">
 <WL5G3N0:port binding="WL5G3N2:MyJMSServiceSoapBinding" name="MyJMSport">
  <WL5G3N3:address location="jms://servername:7021/MyJMSService/MyJMSService?URI=jms.SoapQueue&FACTORY=jms.SoapCN" /> 

From the documentation i learnt that i need to provide a JNDI URL in the Routing Protocols Area. Is any other configuration needed for this ?