Http response as a stream

Hi All,

I’m working with a partner where they are sending the xml data as a Stream. In webMethods I’m able to parse the xml successfully and process the document.

My requirement is to send the responseXML in the same http connection.
I’m able to send the responseXML as a string using the built in service setResponse service.

My partner is asking to send the response as a STREAM and not as a STRING. Can someone please advise me in sending the responseXML as a STREAM.


In this case may be you have to write a java service for sending response of XML stream object.I beleive setResponse will not work in this case.


Hi Satya ,
As far as I know there is no consequence at your partner end wheather you sent response as a stream or a string . No matter how you write your xml to the http response , the ultimate data transfer occur as a stream according to HTTP protocol, which is technology independent. It is up to your client to read it as a stream or string.

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I agree with Rajoy http protocol will transfer as output stream.
what is ur client receiving when you send string via http?


can you please send me the code you have written to receive the xml that your partner is sending.