Http posting xml with special character


I am trying to integrate Siebel and webMethods. My input parameter is a string called $xmldata. Siebel is able to send to webMethods an xml properly, until they send xml’s conataining special characters (e.g. &). Siebel is sending this xml through http and is converted into a & format. unfortunately when i try to get string from the pipeline it shows that the xml being sent by Siebel is truncated each time it sees an “&”.

I have tried changing my input parameter to a node, but this still doesn’t work. any suggestion on how Siebel or webMethods should configure the ampersands?


If there are spl chars in xml document like (&,<,> etc…)wm expects (&,<,>)and set service input node object always if via http and this should pass thru XMLStringToNoe,XMLNodeToDocument(which will parse spl chars successfully)…

but i am not sure why it is truncated when WM receives via http,ofcourse ultimately XMLNodeToDocument will fail while parsing.

May be the source document sent by siebel they have to set Content-Type-=text/xml via http transport…Please check with the siebel folks about how they are sending the xml.


thanks rmg, does Wm needs to accept the message as a string or as a node?

If xml sent via http with content-type=text/xml then wm can accept $xmldata or node as service input for processing inbound.