HTTP Post Issue

Hi all ,
I have issue with HTTP POST , we are trying to post our file to a patner website.
Here my process is …

Patner website having two Directories namely /incoming , /outgoing here my process need to place files into
/incoming directory…

They Having the source for their page as follow …

function PrintUploadForm(uri)
if (!stParamActiveX || !isIE || typeof(stATX)!=“object” || stATX.object==null)
document.write("<FORM ENCTYPE=“multipart/form-data” ACTION="", uri, “” METHOD=POST>");
document.write("<FORM ENCTYPE=“multipart/form-data”");
document.write(" onsubmit=‘ActiveXUpload(this,"", uri, “”)’>");

function ActiveXUpload(uploadFrom, targetdir)
if (uploadFrom.File.value.length != 0)
status=ActiveXTransfer(true, uploadFrom.File.value, targetdir)

alert("Please enter a file to upload")
    if (status)
        document.location=pathName + "?T"
    return true

Here webmethods Process:

getfile --service
createMimedata — wmservice
addBodyPart — wmservice
content ---- getfile output stream mapped to this.
contentType —text/html; charset=UTF-8
encoding ----bit-8
multipart —no
isEnvStream — yes
getEnvolopeStream ----wmservice

HTTP —wmservice
url ----
data/args/file ----- filename
data/mimestream ----envStream
auth/user --username
auth/pass —password

headers/boundary ---- “–=Part–123456789”
I am getting Status is 200 and Status message is OK ,but on patner website file is not posting … Is I am doing
correct way ?
I appreciate your replys.

no one to help this issue … Comman

I appreciate your reply

Do the people at the partner web site say that they see any traffic?

traffic ? No …,

I doubt but not sure . Do I need to by pass proxy ? If in that case why I am getting Status as OK .

Rob , Is I am doing HTTP post parameters correct ? Because website having /incoming dir …

I appreciate your reply.


Try the most simple case first. See if you can do any interaction with the partner site before posting the multi-part form.

For the multi-part form, try an internal web server (maybe IS itself) to make sure you’re sending the right data. Then try to connect to the partner.

Rob , Thanks for your time and suggestion .


Install any http tracing application and do some similar things in any application on the web. Analyse of those logs from tracing app will show You the proper use.

Could you tell me which http tracing application should I use.

Thanks ,


I was using: application and my friend proxy server - both open-source and free.