HTTP Error 400 Bad Request Using PutDocument Method

I have VB code that sets up the database connection and uses the PutDocument method to store an XML files. It works on my local Tamino database but when I try to use the same code and same XML file I get the following error: “HAAXJE8400 HTTP Error 400 Bad Request”. I realize that there is probably something wrong with the setup on my other Tamino database, but given the vague error message I don’t know what. I have checked my usercode access and all is well there. Can anyone give me some suggestions on other things to look for? Below is the code I am using to get to the database.

Set oTamino = New TaminoX

If oTamino.Initialize() = 1 Then
'setup connection to specified tamino db
oLog.Trace “StoreXML”, "Setup connection to Tamino database: " & TaminoPath & “/” & TaminoDB, Detail

With oTamino
.csDatabaseURL = TaminoPath & “/” & TaminoDB
.lPagesize = 0
.encoding = “ISO-8859-1”
.contentType = “text/xml”
End With
. . .

oTamino.PutDocument TaminoCollection, oNode

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Heather,

could you please provide some further details on your environment?

   * What versions are the two Tamino databases?
   * Are they installed on the same machine, or on two separate machines?
   * Which webserver - or webservers - are in use for each Tamino?
   * Could you please post the complete code, including the URLs being used, etc.?


Another good and easy thing to check is, if you are able to reach both databases with your browser. To do this open a normal browser window and enter the following in the address field:


(Note: Replace “hostname” with the full address of the database machine or “localhost” and replace “mydb” with the name of your database. Also note that there is an underscore before “diagnose”).

If the database is reachable, it answers with a reasonable XML answer and the problem might be in your program. If the browser gives you a similiar HTTP error as your program, then you have a configuration problem.

Good look, Christian.