HTTP Client and HTTP Post

I am a WM novice and given the task to do some research rgarind Failover support and load balancing. I have found out that WM IS will do both. However I noticed that it says if we are using an HTTP Client then failover support will not work. This is where my problem starts.

I know we are using an HTTP Post to get our data into TN but I don’t think we are using an HTTP Client. I spoke with our developer and he wanted some more information regarding the definitaiton of an HTTP Client. Any chance someone out there could provide some help here? Thanks in advance.

Paul Farmer

You can use a static web page with a textarea to post the data. When you connect, a box will pop up requesting user name and password.

Also, there is a TN Web package that you can get to by entering this URL:


Use the login credentials of the TN user, then click the document submission link to the left and you can submit documents to TN as if you are an external client for test purposes.



We use the 6.0.1 product, and have a proxy box (actually 2 hardware clustered and this cluster is registered to the DNS name) configured for reverse invoke, for inbound transactions to an IS cluster. There is no TN on the proxy box. Users HTTPS post via port 443(“allow list” restricted) on the proxy. There is another port like 5555 set up for admin purposes.
What URL would a partner use to get to the WmTNWeb package, and do i need to specify specific “allow list” services?


In this case, your partner can go to

The DNS registration should add the port automatically, and the reverse invoke will take care of the rest. All of the services on the menu should already be accessible to users in the TNPartners group.


Thanks Dave. Worked great.